El Guaca first opened its doors in Maldon, Essex in 2012. Determined to offer an authentic Mexican experience, our founders were keen to ensure that our menu was both authentic and delivered to excellent standards.

We are very particular in choosing our ingredients, ensuring we only get the best, fresh produce to generate our menus. Our cocktails are designed to go with the food, complimenting the dishes or helping take the heat out of the spicier options!

El Guaca - Maldon Restaurant

Since our opening now almost seven years ago, we have opened a further three restaurants across Essex and Suffolk. With each one offering the same vibrant menu and enticing cocktails we ensure standards are maintained across all of our locations.

Our owners, Miguel and Cezar are dedicated to constant improvement and are always working on ways to keep the experience genuine, lively and unforgettable. Their focus on these standards has given our restaurants that intangible X factor that keeps customers coming back time and time again.